Worker Grievance publication cover What is the expectation of Worker Voice and Grievance Mechanisms on certified fisheries vessels?

Global Seafood Alliance, 2023 Report.pdf

Marine Policy Paper Illuminating the mechanisms to mitigate forced and childlabour risks within Marine Stewardship Council certified fisheries

Tindall, C., Oloruntuyi, O., Lees, S., Longo, S.C., Schley, D., Currey, R.J.C (2022) Marine Policy,
v.143, 105140

Marine Policy, September 2022

Ocean Sustainability in the Indian Ocean Rim: Summary

The Economist Intelligence Unit, 2019

Hauling Up Solutions: Reducing Cetacean Bycatch in UK Fisheries

Tindall, C., Hetherington, S., Bell, C., Deaville, R., Barker, J., Borrow, K., Oakley, M., Bendall, V., Engelhard, G. (Eds) (2019) Final Workshop Report. 31 pp.

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Fisheries in Transition: 50 Interviews with the Fishing Sector

Tindall, C (2012) for The Prince’s Charities’ International Sustainability Unit

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Baseline study on the CFP external dimension and international fisheries governance Baseline study on the CFP external dimension and international fisheries governance

Defra (2010), Author: Charlotte Tindall

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From the lake to the plate From the lake to the plate: Assessing gender vulnerabilities throughout the fisheries chain

Tindall, C.A & Holvoet, K (2008). Development, Volume 51, Issue 2, 205-211.

Ethical sourcing document Ethical sourcing of wild-caught fish from developing countries

DFID (2008), Author: Charlotte Tindall

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From Hook to Plate From Hook to Plate: The State of Marine Fisheries. A Commonwealth Perspective.

Tindall, C A (2009) Fisheries Supply Chain Issues for Developing Countries within Bourne, R and Collins, M (eds)  London: Commonwealth Foundation. Xii 244pp.